Why You Should Be Promoting Your Business With Tumblr

Tumblr is one of the many social media websites businesses can use to promote their products and services. What makes Tumblr unique compared to other social media websites is that it allows its users to blog about any topic they wish while providing a close knit community. The users on Tumblr are much more active than most social media websites, which provides businesses an excellent opportunity to connect with their target audience in a new way.


Why you Should be Using Tumblr
There are many different reasons why you should be using Tumblr to promote your business. One of the best reasons is that the site is very user friendly. This allows you to easily connect with your target audience without having to be too technically savvy. In a matter of minutes, you can post a new entry to your Tumblr blog and share with all of your fans.

Another reason why you should be using Tumblr is that it is a very social website. Many of the users on Tumblr are not shy to comment on each other’s blogs and reblog content they find interesting. Since these people are willing to share content they find interesting, this provides you with an excellent opportunity to spread the word about your business using this social media website.

Lastly, the audience is very segmented on Tumblr, enabling you to easily reach your target audience. Thanks to category tags, people searching for Tumblr blogs about a specific subject can easily sort all of the blogs on the site to show only those they are interested in. This helps you reach your target audience and avoids spending any time creating content for people who are not interested in viewing what you post. With your Tumblr blog likely to be viewed only by those interested in your products or services, you will see a better ROI when using Tumblr to promote your business online.

How to Use Tumblr to Promote your Business
Developing a strategy before you start to promote your business on Tumblr will help you see better results. The first thing you will want to do when using this website as a part of your social media marketing strategy is to post content to your Tumblr blog several times per day. Posting frequently will keep your business fresh on the minds of your followers. If you do not have time to post content daily, you can schedule your posts in advance, which is a great way to ensure content is posted to your account daily.

Tagging your posts is also important when looking to promote your business via Tumblr. Using keywords that are closely related to your business will make it easy for people to find your blog on Tumblr. Also, depending on the types of keywords you use as your tags you will be able to target a specific audience to ensure everyone viewing your content is actually interested in what you have to share.

Optimizing your Tumblr blog for the search engines is another tip you must remember when using this social media website. Placing your target keywords in your post titles and meta description along with using a custom URL will ensure that your keywords are included in every post you create. While your Tumblr blog may not perform that well in the search engines just because of these optimization techniques, your company blog will perform slightly better in the search engine rankings when you link back to it from your Tumblr account because of these tips.

If you have been working to market your business via social media, you need to make sure you create a Tumblr account for your business. The closely knit audience that participates on Tumblr is a great resource to have when looking to spread the word about your business online. Posting high quality content on a regular basis while interacting with your followers on Tumblr is one of the best ways you can promote your business online.

Ben Sawyer is an Social Media Strategist for Moldbusters.com , New York company. Here are a few tips Ben shared with us about his strategy for increasing online rpesence using Tumblr.

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