What Makes You Different On Twitter?

There are around 554,750,000 active registered Twitter users in the world, made up of celebrities, companies, news channels, TV shows, newspapers, magazines and simple civilians like you and I. Most people are now aware that Twitter can help businesses through allowing them to monitor reputation, generate sales, increase brand awareness and improve customer service etc…

The beginning

In July of 2006, the thing we know and love as ‘Twitter’ went live and, to begin with, had quite a ‘small’ following – in fact, there were only 400,000 tweets posted per quarter in 2007. Yet, as of June 2010, there were around 65,000,000 tweets posted each day.

The transformation

Suddenly Twitter wasn’t a niche social media site for celebrities and news anymore; when businesses quickly caught on to the hype, Twitter was transformed into a huge market full of most companies that you could imagine. Nowadays, if you are interested in what is going on at the HQ of Greggs the bakers, then you can find out through instant Twitter updates.


Twitter is no longer a pleasant extra to have, it is now completely normal to have a business Twitter account. In fact, we are approaching the point where it may be seen as not ‘normal’ if you don’t have one.

Due to the saturation of the Twitter market, it’s now not enough to tweet for tweet’s sake. If your tweeting is bland, why should people follow you instead of your competitors? You need to find your Twitter USP.

I used Greggs as an example, but that is a business that knows exactly what it’s doing on Twitter. They know their Twitter USP – great customer interaction and service – and are using it wonderfully.

Because they have carved out their area of service on Twitter and are utilising it well, people want to interact with them.

When people follow your business on Twitter, they need to be getting something in return, other than constant sales tweets. They need to feel that you are tweeting for their benefit, not yours.

Whether it’s news, tips, pictures, recipes, ideas or whatever your business can offer, your tweets should be for your followers – with your brand laced within them.

Think about what your followers want from you on Twitter. Whatever shape or size your business, first impressions may draw people in, but it is your unique tweeting that will create loyal ‘follower’.

Becky works for an internet marketing agency called The Blue Cube and finds the effect social media has on online marketing fascinating.

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