Top 5 SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid

In the world of SEO sometimes you cannot afford to make mistakes. A bad mistake could see you in Google’s black hole never to return again. So as a webmaster working on improving the rankings and traffic you should do everything that’s right and consider best practice.

Below are five SEO mistakes that you don’t want to make:


Bad Keyword Selection

Bad keyword selection is similar to doing a marketing campaign but targeting the totally wrong audience. When you target the wrong keywords you will either suffer from not ranking at all or getting traffic that doesn’t convert. Both methods are as bad as each other and should be avoided at all costs. You should look into Google keyword tool and type in your root keyword; this should basically describe what your website is about. From this consider looking further into the tool and seeing what keywords are related.

Wrong Use Of Title

The next mistake you cannot afford to make includes choosing the wrong title. The title is an extremely important aspect of any SEO campaign. It tells Google what your website is about and basically summarises it. With some low competition keywords, you will often find that you can rank on the first page based off the title alone.

Consider putting your main keyword in the title and make it enticing so people will actually want to click through.

Short Term Linking Strategy

A short term linking strategy is not healthy for any business to operate under. This isn’t short term in the sense of a time frame but more of a trail of thinking. When you operate under the short term trail of thinking, you will tend to take risky decisions and only do so in the hope it will get you instant results.

Examples of this include spamming comments, forums and link directories. Any webmaster who adopts this linking strategy shouldn’t expect to see their site in the SERPs longer than a year or two, most likely even less.

Not Enough Content

When you don’t have enough content on your website you are seen as ‘thin’ by most search engines eyes. This is even more so for affiliate websites that get a commission off referring sales to other websites.

Ensure that you have enough content on your page to get your point across and so you’re offering value to your users.

Poor Web Design

Poor web design is an aspect that many webmasters don’t actually consider. When your website isn’t designed well for the users, it won’t do well for your search engine rankings either. Many search engines try and refer the best website from the search, with regards to their credibility they don’t want to be referring traffic to websites that even look spammy.

This is why you should always make it your job to ensure that your website is clean and makes good use of graphics. Having a poor website that isn’t accessible and hard to navigate will be bad for your SEO rankings, so always consider improving your current design.

By Kev Massey from seo3D. Kev produces quality information regarding SEO and Internet Marketing techniques for small businesses in the UK.

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