Top 10 Tips To Have A Fully Professional LinkedIn Profile


LinkedIn is a great network for making business connections. Most people usually don’t use the full potential of LinkedIn. If you optimize your profile properly, you will increase the chances to be found. Whether you are a job seeker or a small businessman who is looking for establishing more business connections, you are missing a great piece of a LinkedIn pie if you didn’t optimize your profile. These are the simple but powerful tips to increase your LinkedIn presence.

Heading and Title

Many people make the same mistakes with this. Remember: Title is not the same thing as Heading. You can use a heading as an opportunity to put all of your skills and areas of expertise in order to attract more LinkedIn visitors. Consider your heading as a valuable keyword box. Make the most of your headline.  I have optimized my headline in a way that I am promoting my website through the headline. I just put “content writer for a Money Making Ideas Blog” . This should be enough to squeeze extra link juice to your website from Your profile on LinkedIn.

Anchor Text

You can link up to three websites to your profile. Take a leverage over many LinkedIn users who are not doing it. Sneaky trick: you can even attach your URLs with your desired keywords. Just use the “other” category and you will enable this option.

Attach a Video to Your Profile

You can add a video to your LinkedIn profile in two ways: using a Slide Share application or Google Presentations. If you are skilled with PowerPoint, than better solution would be to create a video and embed it on Your LinkedIn profile with the SlideShare. This is a great strategy to drive more attention to your profile.

Search for Your Competitor’s Connections

This is a no brain strategy. Search for the new contacts on your competitor’s profile and find potential opportunities for yourself. If you are a job seeker, find other job seekers and look through their connection. You can also participate in a various LinkedIn groups related to your niche or interest.

Connect Your LinkedIn Profile with Your Twitter

This is a huge time saving strategy. You can synchronize your tweet posts with your LinkedIn profile. You will soon see the benefits of it. From my own experience I can say I sometimes get more interactions or comments on LinkedIn than on Twitter, for the same content.

Bonus Tips:

Your unique LinkedIn URL. It is a simple tip, but very powerful. Your customized URL looks more professional.

Resume. Make it available for download on your profile.

Badges. Display the badges you got as a member of various LinkedIn groups.

Recommendations and Endorses. Encourage your connections to write a recommendation for you which will be published on your profile. Search for your old business contacts and ask them for a recommendation. Do the same thing for endorsing option.

Share your website content on LinkedIn. This is a relatively new feature. You can share news with LinkedIn Groups. Be sure to often post your new blog posts on every LinkedIn group related to your niche. Encourage the discussion. Be professional and polite. You can drive more traffic to your website with this simple strategy.


Dennis Kay is an Internet Marketing Strategist and content writer for where he often writes about his internet marketing tips. Dennis is also have a “free coaching from scratch” section on the same website where he writes lessons for beginners in itnernet marketing.

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