To Vlog Or Not To Vlog?


That is the question. As vlogging becomes more and more popular, bloggers from all around the world are wondering whether they should adapt some (or most) of their content to the video format. Is vlogging a useful tool for improving your online profile? Or will it just lead to an embarrassing flop? This post will help you make up your mind.

If you are considering vlogging, you should first ask yourself ‘does my content suit the medium of video?’ and ‘will this add value to my content?’ If the answer is yes to both questions and you are comfortable enough in front of a camera, you should definitely give it a try.

Vlogging Is Worth Considering Because…

What is great about vlogging is that you can get across your messages in a more effective and convincing way. Yes, because talking is different from writing – it is more direct and casual.

Vlogging also allows you to create a personal connection with your audience. You come to life before their eyes and they can actually relate to you on a personal level; your spectators will feel as if they know you. This means that they are more likely to come back to your blog to watch and read more.

With vlogging you can make new friends and contacts, because by being brave and putting a face and voice to your ‘online brand’ you show your personality to your audience. More people will want to get in touch, sometimes even in the real world. At the same time, you will show your audience how unique you are and you will be able to stand out from the crowd.

Starting Vlogging Has Never Been Easier

All you need is a filming device such as a webcam, some practice, a YouTube account (or Vimeo or any other video hosting platform), some basic editing software (most operating systems offer a free one in their starter package), and some creativity.

You can even think of using Vine – Twitter’s new micro-vlogging app. It allows you to create videos that last a maximum of six seconds. This could be a great way to test how the video format fits with your online brand and strategy.

So Get Started By…

You have chosen the topic for your first video, maybe tested your audience’s reaction to the vlogging option first, and are ready to go with all the equipment in place. Wait! You’re not done yet.

First of all, you need to jot down a rough script. This will help you stay on topic and avoid stammering too much. Then, decide on how to frame the video and arrange the lights. This is essential to avoid everything being a total waste of time. Imagine getting all the talking perfect, and then discovering while editing that in the background you can see a large pile of dirty pants, or that there is a shadow on your upper lip that looks like moustache! Not much fun.

Next is the editing, so that you can combine different versions of the video if you feel that you say something in a better way in a particular shot. Once you are satisfied with the result, you can upload the video on a hosting platform or directly embed it on your blog.

And you’re done!

Once the videos are up, look for feedback from your audience to improve the quality of your content. This is also a good way to gather suggestions for future ideas – give your spectators what they want and they’ll come back to watch you.

So all in all, vlogging is a fun and creative way to enhance the content on your blog. It can really help you in getting more blog traffic. Beware – it’s easy to do, but tougher to get right. So plan it well and make sure you do your best and involve your readers.

Have you ever vlogged? How did it go? I’d be really interested in hearing about your experiences and advice.


Elena Manighetti is a prolific blogger. Previously a journalist for news, lifestyle, and entertainment at Giornale di Bergamo, she writes about lifestyle, business, and technology.She is signed up to Blogging Edge.

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