The World Of The Internet Troll

Internet trolls live in a unique world apart from the rest of online commentators. They don’t exist to make the web a more civil, knowledgeable environment, but to rip that social civility to shreds with verbal jabs and often ridiculous comments that serve to bring attention to them instead of the topic at hand. No one has ever crossed an Internet troll and come out of the exchanged wiser or happier for it. There are things about the world in which an Internet troll operates in, though, that are very much like your own online world. If you’re not a troll, you might not understand the behavior, but you definitely understand the social world that exists online. The rules are hidden and not enforced. Why you choose to follow them but someone else doesn’t is what psychology is trying to find out. Here are a few of the interesting observations they’ve made about the unique universe of the Internet troll we’ve all come to know and hate.


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Source: Psychology of an Internet Troll

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