Blog Contests Are Lame…! Yeah, Some…

The Prize in the Game (novel)Image from WikipediaWhat is your opinion on blog contests? Some say they’re good for publicity and building buzz around. While others say, they’re lame and useless. My own opinion, I don’t mind blog contests I participated in. They cost me a little time and effort. And if they took more than usual, the prizes are usually rewarding and the winning probability is high.

So how do you bloggers can make your contests don’t end up being misunderstood as a shameful promotion effort?

First, if you require the entrants to subscribe their email for feeds, you should have great contents delivered otherwise the contest will look like a cheap bribe. Many subscribers will unsub as soon as the contest ends, Doesn’t care if they win or not, if your content sucks, they won’t need anything from you until you have another contest :) .

If one of the conditions is to sign up with a sponsor’s service, then they better have a really good service indeed. Ask the contestants to do the prerequisites because they’re worth doing, but…

…You also need to offer interesting incentives. Regardless of how great your content or how great the service is, the first thing the readers look is the prize, qualifications second. If they think the prize doesn’t worth their time, your contest could end no entries.

So it works vise versa between bloggers and readers. While readers examine the prizes first, bloggers pay more attention to anything they’re promoting with the contest to retain the contest effect after the contest, as long as possible (like a steady number of RSS subscribers after the contest). Secondly, a rewarding award for the winners. Don’t forget to provide extra prizes for runner-ups to keep the winning probability high for every entrants.

There are other factors to successfully hold a contest and my mentions above are based on my experience as an entrant. For now, I haven’t planned to hold my own contest.

Speaking of being an entrant, my participation on blog contests during March has awarded me more prizes than February. Here’s the list:

Now, would you also like to list your victories? Find contests interesting to you and follow these steps to increase your chance winning a contest.

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