Social Media Must-Haves for Every Business Blog

Every business is expected to have a website, and it’s becoming more and more expected for every business to have a blog, too. Most businesses have Facebook pages, Twitter pages, or any combination of social media profiles. These Internet marketing tactics are effective on their own, but they’re all the more powerful when they’re combined. After all, the world wide web is called a “web” for a reason.

When you’re working on your business’s blog, it’s important to consider what social media elements you will include on it. Here are some of the most popular and effective social media additions to any business blog.

Share Button

Facebook is the platform that reaches the highest number of people. When one person shares something they enjoy, all of their friends see it. If several of their friends like it and share it, too, all of their friends will see it. You can see how quickly that can spread to reaching a LOT of people. That’s why it’s essential to include the Share on Facebook button on every single blog post you create. If someone finds your post interesting or useful, they can instantly “share” it with their friends by just the click of a button. If they have to copy and paste the link, they won’t bother.

Like Button

On the front page of your blog, you should also have a button that will allow visitors to instantly “like” your business on Facebook. Again, this makes it easy for them to connect with you via Facebook with no additional effort on their part. Chances are that once a reader has left your blog, they aren’t going to take the time to search for your business on Facebook in order to “like” it. You want to make it easy, especially because when someone likes a Facebook page, their friends are also notified, increasing your business’s visibility and possibly gaining more likes.

Follow Button

Besides Facebook, Twitter is arguably the next most important social media site. In addition to having a Facebook page and a blog, your business should also have a Twitter account. Encourage your readers to follow you on Facebook by making it easy for them to do so.

Tweet Button

While you’re at it, do not forget to add a tweet button to every blog post. If your readers are more partial to Twitter, this button will allow them to tell all of their followers about your post.

Twitter Feed

If your business is very active on Twitter, include a Twitter feed on the homepage of your blog. It will display your tweets continuously, and it will automatically add your latest tweet to the top of the scroll. This can further encourage people to follow you on Twitter.


Facebook and Twitter aren’t the only social media sites, so be sure to add buttons for any others your business is active on. You should be active on the sites that are most popular with your target audience, so the buttons you include will vary. They might include Reddit, YouTube, Instagram, Digg, or any other social network.

Lucy Lau designs business wordpress themes. Lucy lives in Chicago with her husband and two dogs.

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