5 Steps To Building An Effective High PR Private Blog Network

It’s hard looking at your analytics account when you first begin blogging because the lack of traffic is a big concern. If you don’t start getting traffic soon there is no way you’ll be able to make much money. It’s as if your online business dream is breaking away before your eyes and you’ve only […]

How To Measure Long Term SEO Success

We all know that planning and executing an SEO strategy is about playing the ‘long game.’ Many have tried to gain an SEO quick fix and find fame at the top of Google or the other search engines, and while they might have shone brightly for a short time, it usually didn’t last long. The […]

SEO Tips For Your Video Content

The best way to improve your search engine ranking is to make sure you are active in social media platforms, have a good quality website and that you use various different forms of media on your website. For instance, just by adding video and images to your website you can quickly improve your search engine […]

5 Reasons Your Web Videos Hurt Your SEO

Thanks to technology, more and more websites are starting to get a bit fancy with their designs and concepts. Long gone are the sites that use basic layouts with content. Instead, websites today are using videos, images and newfangled options to make their websites stand out from others. While having all the bells and whistles […]

How Meta Data Can Affect Your Domain Properties

Meta information is stuff that visitors to your site will not see, however spiders and search engines will. This data resides in the HTML attributes that essentially explain what is on your web page. Search engines will use their crawlers to get the meta data, and rest of the information on your page, and will […]

Types Of SEO Keywords Commonly Used In Domain Development

Keywords are simply words that a user will input into a search engine to get results. These words can be a single word (such as kitten), or multiple words that form a phrase (Himalayan kitten for sale). Additionally, there are multiple types of keywords that can be used in SEO, so it is essential for […]

Top 6 Link Bait Ideas for 2013 And Beyond

Having good link bait content can be one of the best things for any website owner because it has the potential of not only attracting more visitors, but also going viral. If you’re wondering what exactly “link bait” means, it just means any content in a website that was made specifically to get the attention […]