Selecting Samples For Guest Writing Pitches

When you write a guest post pitch you are probably focused on what you are saying to land the gig. That is fair enough, and of course you should be diligent in how you phrase your application message. Perhaps more than any other element of the process.

But that doesn’t mean it is the only factor. Another important part is your list of samples and references that they will refer to before hiring.

Think of a guest post as having two man parts. The first is the section where you quickly capture their attention, introducing yourself and showing why you would be the perfect fit for their blog. This is the primary element of the pitch, and should be worded carefully.

The second part is the proof of your qualifications. It should back up all you had said above, showing what you can do. Which means providing three links to samples already posted online, and sometimes references from people you have written for in the past. Though, for an occasional guest posting blog, you are probably fine with the samples and a link to your website.

Selecting The Right Samples

Obviously, the best options are going to be posts that have been based around the topic of the blog. If it is a green living blog, for example, you might provide samples about upcycling or recycling for the entire family.

If you don’t have any within the genre, try to go for any that might have some relevance. So, using the green living analogy again, you could give them a sample about buying local or second hand, or maybe a guide towards mending an object. These could all arguably fall under sustainability or anti-consumerism, which are principles of green living.

When neither of these are an option, be sure to include in your pitch why it is you are interested in writing for that subject and your experience working with it. Then select your three highest quality samples in any genre so they can at least see your writing abilities.


Without good samples, you might as well not send the pitch at all. So make sure you are giving them the best possible links to check out.

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The guest blogging pitch infographic is courtesy of MyBlogGuest Infographics gallery.

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