Link Building Tips From Google

Last year’s Google Penguin update came as a hammer blow to the rankings of many websites.  Not just those who had shamelessly indulged in black hat SEO techniques, but sites who had spent a lot of time on things such as link building programs and believed that they were doing so ‘within the rules’ also saw their placement on the SERPs plummeting.

Keeping up with the best ways to optimize your site can be difficult, especially when Google update their algorithm hundreds of times throughout the year outside of their larger, publicized updates.

We explored Google’s recommendations for ‘safe’ link building in 2013 and beyond, and at what you need to do to make it happen for your site.



How social media platforms are utilized by businesses is becoming increasingly important to link building. In fact, if you are pursuing a serious SEO strategy, then it is simply not possible to have one without the other.

Link building through social media is simple, too. Whenever new content is uploaded onto your site, ensure it is shared through your social streams. Make this a natural part of your process; uploading the content to your site is merely the first step.

The real power of social media is when the +1’s, likes, and retweets start coming in, however, and your content is marked as valuable and your rankings rise as a result.


Link to Inside Pages

While your homepage is the first impression your site visitors get of your business, you should avoid having too many, if any at all, links pointing to it.

If you are promoting new content, link to the relevant page. Search engines, not to mention human internet browsers, are unlikely to be too impressed with a page bearing no relevance to the link you posted.


Use Diverse Anchor Texts

The easiest way to do this is to think about sites that naturally link to your quality content. You have no control over the anchor text they use, which means you will likely have hundreds of different words and phrases linking to your site.

Be varied with your own link building, too. Using the same phrase repeatedly is going to do nothing but make Google cast a suspicious eye over you.


Quality First

Need we say any more? Having a dozen quality articles that sites are falling over themselves to naturally link to is much better than pumping out one hundred poorly written, filled with grammar errors, pieces of drivel that don’t actually achieve anything other than giving you a link, which in itself is worthless as people won’t bother reading the copy.

Put quality over quantity and you are onto a winner. This will also mean you generate a high number of natural links, which are much more valuable than finding a number of blogs that accept guest posts and manual link building through these.

Quality content and social media is your key to winning the link building game in the eyes of Google. Doing so will help to take your site to new heights.


Karl is an online content writer across a number of industries, with a specific interest in companies such as Brightlocal, who provide a wealth of useful online SEO tools.

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