Link Building Strategies You’ve Never Thought Of

Appearing on the top of a search engine’s results is very critical for the success of your online business, blog, or other website. One way to do this is through link building. Basically, the idea is that the more sites that link to your website, the higher you will appear on search results. What complicates the situation is that most searchers do not bother to click beyond the second or third page of their search results. So, appearing at the top is all the more important. But, to make matters worse, due to heavy competition and sophisticated search engine algorithms, earning a spot near the first page is far from easy.

There are some sly, sneaky ways to help with link building, but these efforts can be easily targeted and ruled out by the algorithms. Instead, using quality methods of generating links should be sought. Here are a basic strategies with a couple creative, yet simple examples that can help with your link building.

Get Your Visitors to Link to You

If you have loyal readers who read all your new posts and share your content on a regular basis, award them with a graphic badge that they can place on their site. If they obviously like your site, there should be little standing in their way to want to help you out even more.

Your graphic should feature your logo and, if possible, a call to action that could help earn you new readers. There are a few ways you can distribute the graphic and code. The easiest way is to place the graphic and code on your site and announce that is available for people to post on their site. Additionally, you can send the code in an email newsletter to those who subscribe to you. This is a little more personal and might get people to react more. Also, for every new follower you have on Twitter, you could send them an @reply or direct message thanking them and asking them to post the code.

I’ll Scratch Your Back if You Scratch Mine

Here, the idea is simple: Give link-love and get link-love in return. However, it doesn’t always work, but is a relatively easy way to create not only content for your site and generate more links.

There are several creative ways to do this. First off, you can write a review of a product or discuss your experience with a product and post it to your site. Then, if the product has a website with a blog or page for media mentions, try notifying the media manager or site owner to see if they would like to feature your post. If your post is positive, I’m sure they would be happy to repost your content and link to your site because it gives their product more credibility and makes it look better.

Another method is to create content that features experts from your niche. Like you, everyone else is trying to increase their links and find more readers. Pose a question to the experts and then aggregate their answers into a concise blog post. Give the experts an author byline with a link to their site. Hopefully, in return for your link and great post, they will feature the post on their blog, thus linking to you, and share it over their social media accounts.

Similarly, you could create a top 10 list of bloggers for your niche and reward each of them with a graphical badge, like I mentioned before. You could also make an award for blogs and send a graphical badge to the winner. The badge would have to relate to your list or award, like “Top Tech Bloggers of 2011 from So-and-So Blog”. The opportunities here are endless.

August Drilling, from Forte Promotions which sells promotional products like custom flash drives, loves social media and all things Apple.

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