How To Target Mobile Advertising Campaigns

So you want to have a mobile marketing campaign to help your business. You may be aware that mobile marketing is growing in popularity, as cell phones become more popular.  There are a variety of mobile marketing advertising campaigns that could be right for you. Here is more information on the types of mobile campaigns that are available, and how you can reach the target audience that you want to for your product or service.


QR codes

QR codes are things that are generally in print advertising, but that translate to mobile marketing. You may have seen these codes – they are square codes that look like little Rorschach blobs. What happens with a QR code is that you scan the code with your mobile phone – depending upon your phone, you can use the camera function on the phone or a QR scanning program to do so. When you do this, you can be directed to a video or a website for more information.

QR codes have their pros and cons. was very critical of the codes, saying that many of them simply send the customer back to the business’ main web page, instead of giving them something special or unique for their time that they could not get just by going to the main web page. Mashable also says that all too often, the QR codes are put on billboards which are impossible to scan, such as a highway billboard.

Instead, it is important that there be some thought used with setting up these advertising campaigns. You can get some benefits with QR codes, but do something that brings up the “wow” factor. For example, if you have a celebrity endorser for your campaign, then why not offer a free song or video from the artist to those who view the QR code? Make it special, instead of ho-hum. And put the QR codes where people can see them – and scan them. Having them on a billboard at a subway station that is not accessible to potential customers is not a good idea.

Marketing through games

One of the things people use mobile phones for is to play games. Candy Crush Saga is a particular favorite these days, and Angry Birds and Words With Friends are still popular. Many mobile games are free to the user, but they have to see advertising in the games. Depending upon the game, and the demographics you are seeking, this could work out well for your company if you do a mobile marketing campaign with them. Just make sure that you are reaching the right market.

Email advertising

While you can’t help but see people playing games on phones these days, they also do one thing more than anything else – check their emails. So email advertising is a crucial part of mobile advertising campaigns. It is critically important that you use some of your marketing budget here. You can potentially see big dividends by doing so.

You can do so easily, too, by reaching out to an email marketing platform business that features email advertising. One of the coolest things about doing so is that they will do all the legwork on finding the right email newsletters for you.  You can also have the ads only show up on open, which means that you will not be charged for ads in which the emails are not opened. To learn more, click here.


Lisa Swan writes for a variety of business sites. She lives in New York City.

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