How Does Social Linking Impact You?

The search engines are smarter than they once were. The algorithms that give them this faux intelligence determine what things are going to be influential for ranking websites, and it turns out that social media links are actually quite important. If you have a business, a site, or a blog that needs more exposure, you will find that social linking is going to play a huge role when it comes to your web page SERP ranking and natural traffic. Knowing that social links are important is the first step. Knowing how to use them to your advantage is going to help your site’s ranking.

What Does Social Linking Mean?

Social links are simply links that people share on the various social media and networking sites that are out there. Chances are that you are a part of at least one of these sites. A social networking site, for those who do not know, would be Twitter or Facebook. Of course, these are just two of the many different types of social media sites and niche networking sites that are out there.

Social bookmarking sites will generally fall under the purview of social linking as well. Some of the popular sites with which you are likely familiar include, Diff, and StumbleUpon. You can find quite a few other examples of sites such as this.

All of these things are part of social media, and it can sometimes be difficult to differentiate. In fact, most people no longer even try. They see all of these different things as a part of social media, and all of them are things that they want to incorporate into a social media linking strategy. The social media links that direct people to your site or content could come from a variety of different locations, as you can see.

Quality of Links

Of course, you have to have quality links, and you want them to be relevant as well. When you have links that are going to have some type of benefit to the follower, you can be sure that there is a higher likelihood that he or she is going to repost that information for others on the social network.

Social linking in this manner is going to help you in two very distinct ways. First, you will find that social links from high authority social media users means that more people will share your post or article. Thus, more people are going to see the information right away. They could come to your site and spend time, perhaps even becoming a customer while they are there. It could be a good way to cultivate leads as well. They might not be ready to buy, but they like your site so they will be back.

The second way that the links are going to be able to benefit you is over the course of time. A constant flow of high quality social links are going to help you build up a better page ranking slowly but surely. Google may calculate things differently in some cases, so you cannot expect the success in this area to be instant. As with all things SEO, it takes time and long term effort to reap your rewards.

Is it a Surefire Success Strategy?

Nothing in the realms of marketing and SEO is surefire, especially not today. The rules are changing all the time and some strategies just might not work for all types of businesses. Sometimes, the search engines just won’t pick up those social media links. Trying to understand the algorithms is difficult. The key is to keep working and to keep trying different strategies from the social linking techniques to the older, trusted methods of getting a good rank. When you keep learning and you combine strategies, you can develop a recipe for success that works with your site.

This article is written by John Lessnau, the founder of, a high quality social linking service. After seeing this market flooded by scammers selling massive amounts of social links from bot, fake or ghost social media accounts, John saw a need for an honest service that offers social links from real people.


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