Has The Dirty Grinch Wiggled His Way Into Your Data? [Infographic]

Nothing is safe on the internet anymore. Well why not? You must have heard of all the hacking and privacy invasion exploits that have become a daily and juicy part of tech news. Even the giants of the tech world like Google and LinkedIn are not exceptions to data breaches. Hacking, tampering, using malware and spyware is all running rampant and just about anyone’s phone or laptops a viable target for these individuals. The goal of the perpetrators is to get their hands on your private data and then deprive you of your internet rights and access. In short, the less happy you are, the more pleased they are. Sound a little more like the Grinch now? Well unfortunately there is more than one Grinch at work and many more targets than just a handful of folks over at Whoville. Read to see that 2012 has had its fair share of Grinchy incidents.

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data-theft-internetClick to enlarge

“The Grinch who stole data” has been developed by Mobistealth.com to inform users of the perils of Data theft. Mobistleath’s products include keylogging software.

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