SEO 101: 10 Great Resources For Getting Started In Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the process of making one’s website as impressive to search engines as possible, so that the search engines will choose to list one’s website higher up in the search results, ultimately affording the site more traffic, and the owner more sales.

To promote a site, people need to be very knowledgeable about SEO and how it works. Listed below are some of the go-to sites that beginners should head to in order to get a clear idea about what SEO really is and what it involves.

Moz.Com (

Previously, the attractive part of this site is that it has an open forum where people can post any difficulties they have, and experts take the time to help them through with their problems. A lot of consistently informative articles are posted that help people to work through the basics of SEO and get to the bottom of what the search engines are really looking for. For amateurs, the educational content available free is excellent, and for more intermediate learners, a PRO membership is available. Right now the site is on invite-mode, offering a free trial.

Webmaster World ( is a handy tool, especially for beginners. It’s one of the oldest and most trustworthy communities out there. Experienced users share their valuable knowledge with beginners on a variety of topics related to development of web and SEO strategy. No matter what the problem is, the different (sometimes heated) views expressed on the same topic is what helps us to improve in SEO! Note: this is a paid forum.

SEOBook (

SEOBook is a great blog that keeps SEO experts updated on the recent events in the SEO industry. This is at the heart of SEO, because as old ideas get obsolete and are misused, new ideas come up. This site helps you to keep track of all the changes in the industry and act according. Updates are regular – about 2 to 3 articles per week. It is free.

Marketing Pilgrim (

Although small and not so well-known, Marketing Pilgrim employs various authors with unique writing styles. They help each and every user understand basic concepts by using simple and clear language. It is really beneficial to have alternative opinions on the same topic, so as to get a broader perspective. The updates on this free site range from 2-3 articles daily!

Search Engine Land (

Search Engine Land is yet another blog dedicated to SEO, this time run by guru Danny Sullivan. Subscribing to this site is easy and free, and offers a plethora of knowledge that a beginner definitely needs.

SEO by the Sea (

SEO by the Sea is a blog Bill Slawski, a very dedicated SEO expert. He leaves no stone upturned when finding the best reading materials for his blog readers. Going out of his way to help people, he pores through the latest search technology patents, and attempts to convey the information succinctly to the general public.

Google Papers (

Apart from blogs and websites, there are also papers published on this particular topic. The most relevant paper yet is ‘The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Search Engine’ by the originators of Google itself – Larry Page and Sergey Brin. What more does one need to understand a search engine thoroughly then a debriefing from two of the original founders themselves? Understanding is a very large part of knowledge and that’s exactly what this paper aims at. A Google search of the book will reveal a PDF of said book.

Google Guidelines (

On the topic of Google, one should attempt to first read the SEO guidelines of Google itself. As it is the most popular site for searches across the globe, it’s essential to know what strategy to use to get the maximum benefit from the search engine.

Portent (

The most interesting content out there is sure to be on ‘Portent’ blog by Ian Lurie. The presentation of unique SEO concepts with a touch of light comedy is what attracts readers to his blog. His advice is of great quality, and at the same time, he’s got a sense of humor that makes people remember everything in a more fun and approachable way. He updates about 2-4 times a week.

SEO Black Hat (

Last but not least website is ‘SEO Black Hat.’ As to why this is important, one might not have definitive answer. It lists all the more sneaky or clever tips and tricks that one can apply in the field of web search development. If you don’t want to use these methods, it is still the case that in order to counter these cheats, one has to know what they are up to in the first case. Therefore, it is advisable to check out this site and develop strategies to counter any obvious tools. Basically, it expands about how ranking algorithms matter in SEO strategies and how they can be exploited to the maximum.

These are more than enough to give a beginner the starting push to the world of SEO technologies. All that is left is to go out there and get the experience yourself!

This post was brought to you by Evgenia Bobyleva. Part of the SEO team, Evgenia began working in digital in 2011. She recently joined the Datadial team as a content developer, outside of work she is a meditation addict and a keen bachata dancer.

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