Submit Your Blogging Questions Using the New Google Moderator!

Google has just released another fun yet useful tool, Google Matador Moderator. Google Moderator was internally used to allow Google insiders ask any questions and others vote up the questions they would like answered. Here’s how Google Moderator looks like

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On the left pane, you can see the list of the topics which in this case, the names of world leaders. Visitors then ask questions and they can also vote for another questions they would like to be answered. The questions with the most vote end up on top of the list on the right pane.

That’s it? Of course not! What good is a question without anybody answering them :) ? As a series administrator, you can provide answers and manage questions. You can also add topics to expand your… well, topic.

Here’s how Google Moderator works for Matt Cutts

My team uses it often at Google, e.g. it’s great for prioritizing which questions are most important.

Now what does it have to do with blogging tips? Good question! Move it to the top :) !

We may have been reading the same blogging questions over and over and over again and that’s why Google Moderator can be a brilliant solution. The voting system allowed by Google Moderator can put questions (heard too often in the blogosphere) at the bottom of the list and move “bright” questions to the top. While answers will still be given to questions in the lower rank, bloggers who are interested in knowing deeper about blogging can directly skim the top lists and find new ideas.

The system works perfectly for both start up bloggers and A-lists. Blogger noobs may not understand yet about advanced blogging tips provided at the top of the list, but can still getting suitable information to their blogging experience through the questions at the bottom of the list.

Similar things go for probloggers since the blogosphere keeps expanding and there are always new discoveries, questions and answers on the top index will provide something fresh for their brain.

There’s also a big chance that you will encounter a simple but useful question you never thought of being featured. That’s why whether you consider yourself a problogger or a bloggernoob, you’re always welcome to visit the series of “Blogging Questions You Don’t Know You Have“. Add your questions! As new contributrs will be added continuously, you’ll never know who’s going to answer your question :)

PS: Google Moderator was internally called Dory (a fish who asked questions in “Finding Nemo”)

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