Gaining Exposure To Your Website

Now that everything is ready on your website.  Designs fixed, plugins installed, pages created, and posts published, the next challenge would be getting people to visit your page.  You may have everything creative in your mind to talk about in your site or blog, but no one’s reading – the trick is to let people know you exist.  How?

Social Media Marketing

First is social media marketing.  Oh yes, it’s still the old Digg,, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and even the mini-blogging tools like Twitter or Plurk.  Each and every one of those sites would be helpful to let people be aware that your blog exists.  Remember you will never know who would be interested in visiting your blog, so at first think of what the preference of the people you mostly interact there are.  Apparently many start posting many news about popular stars and icons, so you may want to share your opinion about it.

With social media don’t make the mistake of signing up for a ton of accounts and never visiting them.  For instance, signing up for 20 of them and never interacting with people would be a bad idea. I tend to spend 5-10 minutes a day on Facebook and maybe a quick glance at Twitter.   You shouldn’t consume all your time on these networks, but do make sure you share others content and engage people.  There are lots of ways to use social media correctly and make sure you take advantage of it.

Google Trends

The above example would be relevant to a site about celebrities or something.  If your looking for good ideas on topics to write about one awesome tool I use is Google Trends.  This allows me to key in keywords that people are typing in and see what recent articles have been written on about a subject.  For example, Adam Corolla just had a lawsuit and if I owned a celebrity or news site I could find all kinds of information and put my spin on it.

Quality Articles Really Help

Another way would be to put articles or posts from larger sites to your site.  This could be authority sites where you can use to find out the leaders in your niche.  Now remember courtesy is a must.  Go at it with the approach of what can I do for you, rather than me me me.  You can choose a good article from there and create a blog post about it.  Let them know by emailing them before you do it.  Maybe even contact them on Facebook or Twitter.

Your posts must also be something valuable.  Something that people will come back because they learned something in it, or something they can even be so excited to share about.  Now with social media, people can share most interesting stuffs in the net and allow other people view it.  So be sure you put something interesting, and don’t forget the “share” button in your blog.  I use Digg Digg if you are using WordPress.  In fact, this post was found with that site!

Guest Posting Is So Powerful

Another technique is making a guest post on a famous blog, of course people are now visiting that page, and they will see your name and your link – instant visitors! Just also make sure your post is something of worth and not just repetitive ideas of what the original owner of the blog has, or they will not try to visit your site.  Make sure you sign up for a gravatar with a picture of you.  Also follow up on your guest post.  You should also know to have a guest post in a blog with the same topic as you, or else it would be irrelevant.  I use to find people seeking guest post.

Now by doing these things, you already have grown your network.  But don’t stop.  Do more interactions with new people.  Visit their blogs, befriend them, and then do some linking with them.  Rapport with other website owners is a must.  Human to human interaction is important, and helping each other is a strong foundation for a successful network.  Share their content and they will return the favor if your content is good.

Also, along with your sensible posts, why not do some giveaways for people?  The word free catches much attention, so people would really take an effort to get something free, won’t they?  I would giveaway iPods or gadgets and use Punchtab to run your contest.  Or just sponsor another contest, linking your site would definitely be a part of the instructions.  Just choose a site with many users though, so it can create more buzz.  I use Alexa to check how much traffic a site has.

If you have the extra money why not advertise on a popular site?  Look for blogs with higher pagerank and invest on putting up your banner with them.  It can do wonders, and expect to see more visitors to your blog if you’ve chosen the right site to advertise on.

Now that you know these simple ways, why not try going on your way to increase visitors to your blog.  Know these by heart – interact, be sincere, and make quality posts for people to benefit from it.


This is a guest post by Garen Arnold who is the chief editor of   Through my vast knowledge of creating niche blogs/sites over the years I write about many valuable blogging and SEO tips for newbies for their online ventures.

Image sources: MyBlogGuest platform, Gamma-Ray Productions

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