Effective New Trends In Email Marketing You May Have Missed

It is possible there are some effective new trends in email marketing you may have missed in the previous year or marketing campaign. As you adopt a new strategy to be as effective as possible in the new dispensation, it is prudent to have a look at some of the things you should not have missed in your email marketing. There are a number of trends that either slipped by or you never thought about.

Better Utilization of Customer Data

If you did not use your customer’s data effectively, it is a high time you make the most of it to drive more engaging and relevant communications. As the months progress, you will need to invest in a number of new ways of retaining your loyal and lifelong customers through appropriate web campaigns. Click through rates in broadcast types of email campaigns are only 3% and marketers must make sure what is communicated is useful to customers as compared to what many term as spam, irrelevant or annoying noise. If you have better insight of a customer and his or her preference, you will be driving very meaningful interactions because of customer intelligence. Through the gathering and analysis of customer information, including their activities, needs and wants, a marketer should end up with a better and deeper understanding of how to achieve satisfying relationships. The customer must always be first and not the commodity-the consumer is a person and must be indulged as such.

Adoption of Mobile Devices

Probably you missed the opportunity to adopt mobile devices in your earlier email marketing trends. A continued growth in mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones and their adoption in email marketing will make marketing very flexible and any marketer will be able to target a particular customer at any place and time. Marketers will then be able to deliver very relevant and timely campaigns, such as restaurant vouchers just before lunch. Note that to succeed in mobile email marketing; you need to understand the demerits and confines of opening and reading emails through tablets, cellular phones and smartphones.

Social Media

Markets have been synchronizing themselves with alternative communication levels and being more collaborative so that they can be effective in their communication. It is expected brands will improve even further as a result of the experiences they create on social media for their customers and affect the social potential of emails since content and social data will be fed into most email campaigns. It is also expected to be seen in most ESPs providing social features in the heart of their email platforms. Other new trends in email marketing you may have missed include seeing emails with questions and polls for customers and overall subscribers, perhaps asking whether the information or content provided was relevant or useful. The given feedback will then be used in driving the marketing strategy.

Video Reach

The reach and influence of different media has been changing over the years. Video has been one of the increasingly effective options of captivating and engaging a specific customer base. Before you make the most of videos in any email marketing process, you must think about a number of things. This include embedding videos within emails and making sure they are informative, an appealing interview, funny, short and right to the point to make sure the targeted do not lose interest. Videos add a lot of value to any email marketing strategy and give subscribers something to look forward to.

Success of your campaign will depend on the things you have included or overlooked. Choose an autoresponder service like Pure Leverage that has all the tools that you need in one package.

Todd D. Gomez is single and has most of his time constructing idea for business. He lives on the go and moves from city to city as he pleases.

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