GPT – DonkeyMails No Minimum Payout

How: Lots of ways!
Referral: Level 1: 5%, level 2: 4%, level 3: 3%, level 4: 2%, level 5: 1%
Payment: As low as $0.01 (e-gold) or $1 (PayPal and AlertPay)!
Upgrade: $5-$40 per year. Get free referrals!

  • FREE membership, many ways to earn
  • Get paid never below $0.0025
  • 5 referral levels of commission
  • Available internationally
  • Earn extra money playing games
  • High rewarding Search Country signup offers
  • Many sites like to promote here. That means more e-mails to read! But… (see cons below)


  • You yourself are in charge of your choices as many scams like to promote here
  • Replies to your inquiries and questions take a considerable time
  • Payout process can take up to two weeks

DonkeyMails has been operating since February 3rd 2005 and has been one of the leading and most reliable programs to help you to work from home. There are plenty of ways to get get paid online on the website and it’s very much recommended for beginners. They pay you to read emails (in cash and points) from categories you selected, to click, and also to signup (you might come to a particular service you want to try, and you could get paid to do so). They also pay you to promote. Here are some details:

Get Paid To Read Emails: Emails are usually worth $0.0025-0.005 or (1/4 to ½ cents) for 15-25 seconds of viewing time. You get approximately 10-15 emails every day.
Get Paid To Click: You can earn up to 1 cent per click. However, most ads are worth 0.01-0.25 cents.
Get Paid To Complete Offers: There are hundreds of offers with payouts that range from $0.01 to $10.00! These are mostly sign up offers to join websites and other programs.

Get Paid To Promote: Get paid $0.75 per 1000 credits. 1 credit is usually 1 unique view, however, credit amounts can differ depending on the country the viewer is from.
Get Paid To Review: You get paid to view a site, rate it, comment it. The average payment is $0.01 for less than a minute work.

Paid To Click Contest: This one’s quite fun. You are competing with other members to earn a certain amount of real cash. Eg: if the next winner is in 245 more clicks, then you must try to be the 245th clicker. You don’t have to click many times, I usually wait until it comes down to 30 or less clicks left and then I click one of the ads. Then refresh the ads list page to find out how many clicks more to the prize, trying to get the final click! Have fun doing this!
Donkey LOTTO: In addition to all of this there’s now this really fun Lotto page that’s free to play and you just MIGHT end up winning $25!
That’s not it! There are more games available. You can check on them and start earning as soon as you finished your registering here!

Upgrading in DonkeyMails means you have a free chance to get a free downline doing nothing. So when people visit DonkeyMails website with no referral id, a random upgraded member will be picked. Small Donkeys upgrade for instance get 2x their referral id inserted, where Huge Donkeys get their id generated 6 times.

When you upgrade your free membership to a Baby Donkey Membership, you will receive the following benefits:
• Free Referrals – Your referral url will be 1 x randomly inserted for surfers visiting the web site without a referral url.
• 25.000 Free Banner views
A Baby Donkey membership costs you 5$ for a 1 year upgrade.

Upgrade to a Small Donkey Membership and receive the following benefits:
• Your referral url will be 2 x randomly inserted for surfers visiting the web site without a referral url.
• 50.000 Free Banner views
A Small Donkey membership costs you 10$ for a 1 year upgrade.

A Big Donkey Membership contains the following benefits:
• Free Referrals – Your referral url will be 3 x randomly inserted for surfers visiting the web site without a referral url.
• 100.000 Free Banner views
A Big Donkey membership costs you 20$ for a 1 year upgrade.

A Huge Donkey Membership gives you the following benefits:
• Your referral url will be 6 x randomly inserted for surfers visiting the web site without a referral url.
• 150.000 Free Banner views
A Huge Donkey membership costs you 40$ for a 1 year upgrade.

Make your payment via Subscribtion and your payment will be automatic billed each year for staying upgraded easy. As well you receive a 20% cashback starting at the second year. Example: Order an huge donkey, when the second year payment of $40 is received by us we fund $8 back to your Donkeymails account!

If you want to get paid doing an enjoyable activity, this is definitely one of the best sites to work with. It’s a great start to fund your e-Gold account from zip.

The company who runs DonkeyMails also run,,

Let me send you free updates!


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