Build Relationships With Guest Author Content

In order to build a successful website, it is going to require some work away from your own project. In fact, by posting on another person’s blog may actually be a great way to sponsor your own website and build relationships with other people on the web. Life is all about connections and who you know, and the Internet isn’t any different.

Create A Web

If you’re new to the Internet than you probably don’t know very many website designers that host projects of their own online. However, through guest posting you will be able to get to know them by being apart of their blog. You will be working in their personal area, and this could offer you potential prospects in the future to return the favor.

For example, since we are focusing on linkbaiting, you may be able to get them to post a link to your website on their blog. Now think about this for a moment. If you work with 10 blog owners by guest posting, that could potentially lead to 10 different blogs that are advertising your link and helping you with search engine optimization. You have created a web of contacts and links that will support you in the present and future.

How Can Relationships Help You In The Future?

Depending on the specific relationships that you have built through guest posting, there is a large variety of ways that you can be helped by these people. First off, if you managed to guest post for a blog that specializes in a topic that is similar to your product or service, you may be able to get them to advertise for you a little bit later down the road.

Also, as a website designer you will constantly want to be adding links to your collection so that you can maintain your search engine rankings. If that person that you guest posted for creates another blog or website, you may be able to get them to link to your website again for free, or maybe in exchange for a link in return!

Where To Find Places To Guest Post?

If you had already established some relationships online, you wouldn’t need to wonder this question. However, since you are starting out fresh you can try contacting various blogs and asking them if they would like you to guest post for them. Make sure that you target the active blogs so that you can expect a reply fairly soon. Also, since some blogs have their content automatically posted at certain times, don’t expect a reply just because something new has been posted.


Guest author posting is one of the best ways to linkbait, and it is a method that you should definitely try to use to its fullest potential. You will create links for your website and will begin to establish relationships with other web developers.

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