Best Shopping Carts for WordPress

The shopping experience you offer your customers online is so important. It’s incredibly frustrating for consumers when they have difficulty making purchases on a website. If your shopping cart is too hard to manage or looks too low-quality, people are more likely to abandon their purchases. For successful selling on WordPress, you need a reliable shopping cart. Here are some of the best shopping cart plugins for WordPress.

WP e-Commerce

The WP e-Commerce Plugin is the most popular shopping cart for WordPress, and it has been for more than five years straight. This plugin has a long list of features that helps you to make your shopping cart functional and attractive. It seamlessly integrates and works with WordPress themes and other plugins. There are many payment options, shipping options, order management tools, catalog management tools, checkout options, and so much more. WP e-Commerce is a plugin that has it all, but it’s also intuitive and easy for everyone to use.


This is a simple, easy, and effective shopping cart for WordPress. It has numerous options and features, including the ability to use multiple options for each product, add downloadable products, calculate shipping costs in several different ways, and download all your pertinent sales data. If you’re looking for a solid shopping cart, eShop does the trick.

PayPal Shortcodes

PayPal Shortcodes is a very simple plugin for WordPress that makes it very easy for you to put PayPal buttons anywhere on your site. There is no management panel, but this is a still a very nifty tool that can provide the minimum that you need to sell from your site.


YAK is another very popular shopping cart for WordPress that gives you a ton of different features so that you can customize the shopping experience on your site in almost any way you’d like. It allows you to create products from posts, add downloadable products, track orders, calculate shipping, offer promotions, and access detailed sales reports. YAK is available in many different languages and allows you to configure based on country. Payment options include PayPal, Google Checkout, and more, and you can integrate multiple shops together.


Cart66 was previously known as PHPurchase, and it is a great choice for a shopping cart for your WordPress site. With Cart66 you can sell physical items as well as digital things like subscriptions or memberships. You can set up payment plans, build a separate member site, and design your cart to look however you want. It’s a good choice with good support available.

WordPress Shopping Cart

WordPress’s own Shopping Cart is another option for your site, and it is also an effective cart. There are many, many payment options, including PayPal, Google Checkout, and more. You can calculate shipping, offer PDF invoices, set a minimum order amount, offer promotions, sell affiliate products, and more. It’s great for organizing and categorizing your products, and it has basically all the features you’d need for your shop. You can’t really go wrong with this plugin.

Lisa Chang is a writer and designer. She specializes in wordpress themes for business. Lisa’s work is used by hundreds of small e-commerce stores.

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