Express Your Thoughts Choosing Best Of Words: Know Why Choice Of Words Matter

Words define the depth of the story. The choice of words is not just a minor thing to look after while writing an essay or a story, in fact it is one of the most important things to consider because even though two words are synonymous, they have varied usage and meanings. Not only is it important to understand the gravity of your sentences, it is equally important to realise the repercussions of having a poor choice of words specifically if you plan to write a novel or any such write up having a public appeal.

The necessity of using good words

It is not just essay or story writing that demands the choice of good words, any form of written communication demands it. This is because words are the most basic components of sentences and without a good base one cannot think of having a good structure. Just like LEGO bricks, adding words increases the reality of our approach. Over defining words can spoil the whole endeavour, at the same time, not using the right words can never convey what you really wish to say. One has to imagine and recreate every aspect of his words so as to ensure a realistic approach to his story. A proper balance between elegance and evocation is the most basic need of a good write up.

The dissimilarity between synonyms

Words that have the same meaning can often lead to a lot of chaos if not used properly. For every word that you use, there are an infinite number of wrong words in existence. It is this dissimilarity between synonyms that leads to the hunt of the perfect word. Many writers, however, believe that a perfect word is nothing but a myth. Authors always stay in search for the right word which could convey their feelings and emotions to the reader. A very general example that has been stated by many experts is the use of the word ‘umbrage’ which happens to be the synonym of offense. However, in general usage, umbrage is also referred to as the shadow cast by trees. If a writer is unaware of these small factoids, he can never compose an essay or article which has a good meaning.

Commercial importance

There are many writers who write for a living. Such people often face problems related to plagiarism in their contents. Although software and websites have provided a certain measure of help for such people but it is impossible to have an absolutely perfect plagiarism free work without a detailed knowledge of various words and their usages. Clients are often interested in not only originality of a writer’s work but also the quality of it and it is absolutely impractical to achieve quality without good choice of words.

Professional novelists and writers give a lot of stress on using good words to ensure that their readers find their words interesting but detailed because there is hardly any place for works that is monotonically simple. To maintain the tempo of any write-up, good choice of words is probably the most important thing to keep in mind.

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