Basic Blogging in 10 Minutes

A successful blog creates buzz and steers people to your website,  A blog can be like one of those huge beams of light you saw as a kid which usually led to a car dealership.  Remember?  That’s what blogs do – they grab people’s attention and steer them to your website  where they will hopefully purchase one of your products or ideas, OR purchase one of your advertiser’s products.

Unfortunately, not every website has a blog and many individuals are still missing out on this opportunity. If you’re still considering whether or not blogging is right for you, don’t sweat it. Below are some of the basics that can get you started in ten minutes.

The Basics of Blogging and Why It Matters

Blogs are extremely influential.  They start by giving massive amounts of information, both through pillar articles and then routine posts.  These blogs can actually influence and create (or kill) trends through the sharing of your pillar articles and posts with others.  Dialogue is increased, comments are made, and leads are accumulated as the process repeats itself, over and over again, multiplying readers/followers daily.

For this reason, a blog needs to be  a place where people feel comfortable, where they can relax and read your content easily and navigate simply throughout.  It has to be  well organized, well written, contain some graphics, and reach out to the general community at large.  A blog needs to satisfy a need within a niche.   A blog needs to evolve through posts and lively communication from others. And finally, a blog needs to be something you research.

A high quality blog is no accident.  It takes a concerted amount of initial effort from the author then an extreme sense of loyalty as a successful blogger post several times a day. If you believe you have achieved a good, basic blog, and now you want to kick it up a notch, no worries! Getting a little more advanced with blogging is easy.

Expanding on your Basic Blog

Here are several ideas you can implement to make your blog stand out from all the rest.

  1. Connect to Social Media:  By connecting, I don’t just mean mentioning your social media page on your blog and vice versa.  I mean a true connection.  So when you create a new post on your blog, it will automatically alert your followers on your Twitter, Facebook, or other social media avenue.
  2. Put an impressive header at the top of your page.  This can be a high quality picture or some other visual or graphic, but make it count.  The header should not only grab focus, but it’s the first impression you’re making to your follower.  You know what they say – you never get a second chance to make a first impression.  So make this one count.

Also, use the header should FULLY EXPLAIN in as few words as possible EXACTLY what the guest can expect to find in your blog.  If the header is confusing or vague, you may lose the reader  prior to their even reading the first paragraph.

Finally, make it big, bold, and colorful!  This grabs attention and focus for the average participant.

  1. Blog followers sometimes want a break from reading. High quality pictures, some audio and/or video help break up text, content and boredom!  Some fun and/or active buttons go a long way to entertaining your reader as well as informing them.
  2. Always include a SHARE feature along with LINKS to credible, interesting sites, a place to OPT-IN, and a place to review or commet on your blog.  These add-ins Invite and entice the general public into your blog.  It can make a person feel important and worthy, and it will multiply your followers accordingly.
  3. Map who is visiting your blog.  From this, you can better design your posts to  tailor fit your followers.   The first rule of salesmanship is “Know your audience”.  Mapping allows you to fit this most important need.

So now that you have the tools, take your blog to the next level.  Rinse, repeat, multiply, blog,  and sell!

Do have any tips to become a better blogging in a short amount of time? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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