5 Factors that Make People Want to Buy Your Product Like Crazy

Why some products become bestsellers and some other products suffer from lack of sales? Why people choose one product over other products? Is there any factor that makes them want to buy that particular product? Can you make your product so interesting that people want to buy your product immediately after they see it? Yes, you can do it. There are certain factors that will lead people to buy certain products. Here are 5 factors that make people want to buy your product like crazy:

  1. Immediate problem solving: People want to buy something because they want to get rid of their problem as soon as possible. They want immediate solution for their problem. They want to be free from it right away. So, if you can entice people with your product and tell them that your product can help them solve their problem immediately, they will buy. People who have headache want to relieve their headache right away, not next week and certainly not next month.
  2. Hidden emotional benefits: People buy from emotions. Seeing others having better things, they want to have the same thing as others have. Your neighbor buys a new car. Immediately you want to buy a better car. Your relative moves into a bigger house. You immediately want to buy a mansion. People are like that. People want to buy something because there are hidden emotional benefits associated with it. If your product can give your audience the hidden emotional benefits, then they will surely buy it. So, if you’re selling health product, tell them that your product can make them look younger, healthier, sexier, more beautiful, more attractive, etc.
  3. Time saving factor: People also want to save time when they are buying certain product. For instance, when you buy a washing machine, you’re buying that product because you want to save time when you wash your clothes. This is the time saving factor in place. Your product can have more appeal if it can help people to save time. For instance, search engine optimization can take a long time and a lot of works. If you sell SEO service, make sure to tell your audience that your service will save lots of their time and efforts.
  4. Gain more/greed factor: People have greed. People want more. When you buy something, you will always want to buy something else. This greed factor will help you to get more sales. You can use this factor in this way. Give people more than what they pay for. Many companies are doing this for a long time. They offer two products at the price of one product. “Buy one get one free.” Are you familiar with this? This is their effort to connect with people’s greed factor so that people will buy their product immediately.
  5. Sheep factor: People like to follow the herd. Whatever popular today, people will follow it in throngs. If you can convince your audience that people are buying your product every day, then they will also buy it. For instance, you can tell them that your product has helped 70,000 people worldwide. This is actually the common strategy employed by many Clickbank vendors in their sales letter. This is a good strategy, and it also explains why popular products will tend to become more popular over time.

Those are 5 factors that make people want to buy your product like crazy. You have to keep those factors in mind if you want to earn constant sales from your product.

Roman Sahakov is the CEO of FollowersShop social media marketing agency. He is a hype-free social media strategist and tequila lover who helps people buy twitter followers and gain popularity. 

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