4 Link Building Sidekicks That Will Hinder Any SEO Campaign

Every hero needs a sidekick, right? Heroes and sidekicks just seem to go together like bagels and cream cheese. You can’t have one without the other no matter how hard you try. Well at least that’s what the old cliché says.

However the thing is that people often forget that sidekicks are sidekicks for a reason. They sometimes bumble about and often cause the hero to face unnecessary risks to save not only himself from danger, but the sidekick as well.

When you’re performing optimising your website, you’re trying to drive relevant traffic by ranking at the top of the search results. Stale manipulative techniques no longer work, not only that but since the Penguin update of April 2012 dodgy backlink efforts can often have a calamitous effect on your rankings.

With that being said, we’ve discovered a new infographic that reveals the 4 link building sidekicks you should absolutely avoid at all costs.

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1. Directoron
This sidekick has a quiet, intimidating presence and tries to convince you into believing that he has a limitless amount of backlinks at his disposal. For all intents and purposes, he practically does – in directory format.

The problem is that all the directories in the world won’t do a bit of good if they’re on the same IP address, and they’re from sites without an ounce of link juice.

Don’t be impressed by the link zappers he employs, look elsewhere for link assistance.

2. Recipricor
It has often been said that you can’t create something from nothing.

Recipricor tries his best to refute this statement by utilising the power of reciprocal links. The problem is that you always end up at the short end of the stick. For every inbound link acquired you need to add his extensive list of buddies to every page of your website before he’ll let you join the Recipricor club. By the time you’re done with that, you’ve drained your site of relevance and linked out to dozens of bad neighborhoods.

3. Sitewider
This sidekick is responsible for getting dozens of webmasters into trouble with the latest Penguin algorithm update. The thousands of site-wide links he builds on blogs get lumped into one inbound mass and then labeled with a big red stamp that says “SPAM”.

Stay away from this chap, and his wholegrain spamwitches.

4. Forumboy
Forumboy and his solar powered Link O’ Copter have wreaked havoc on unsuspecting small business owners on forums across the web. If you want off topic links posted on irrelevant forums he’s your fellow. To think, he even had the audacity to try and patent his Link O’ Copter.

Brought to you by Infaweb of Edinburgh, an SEO company based in Scotland.

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