3 Ways to Enhance Your Analytics Data for Lead Generation Sites

Even straight out of the box, Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful tool. It enables you to see where traffic is coming from, the devices your visitors are browsing from, which cities they’re from and how they’re interacting with your website.

However, there’s so much more potential for Google Analytics than that. With some simple customisation, you can get much more out of it.

Online Form Conversion Tracking

An incredibly basic addition but one that can add a lot of vital info. If you have an online lead form, the most straightforward way to turn a form submission into goal is to have users redirected (after completing and submitting the form) to some sort of a thank you page. You can then enter this ‘thank you’ URL into Google Analytics as a destination URL goal as illustrated below.

Google Analytics Goal Destination URL

This means that you can see not only the traffic sources, keywords and devices driving visits, but the rate at which these turn into leads or enquiries for your business. This is key to ensuring you focus your marketing budgets in the right channels.

Call Tracking Integrated with Google Analytics

If you have a lead generation website, there is every possibility that a number of your leads or enquiries occur on the phone. Generally, this data isn’t in Google Analytics, which means your data is not complete. In fact, someone clicking on a paid ad, visiting your site and finding your number to call you immediately (without visiting another page) and submitting a lead on the telephone could even register as a bounced visit! An awesome way around this is by integrating your call data with Google Analytics.

While there are a number of ways in which you could do this, by far the most straightforward is to use a specialist third party provider such as ResponseTap (UK and USA) or Infinity Call Tracking. When you use services such as these, calls are tracked in Google Analytics as goals and can be tracked back to a traffic source and keyword etc. There are a ton of extra features with these providers as well that are well worth investigating.

In Form Analytics

Back to the enquiry form, then! If, as many people do, you’ve managed to get your enquiry form into a concise format and all on one page (often easier for the user), you can’t use conversion funnels to track the progress through your form. Therefore, troubleshooting low conversion rates that appear to be linked to user interaction with your form itself (i.e. users begin filling the form in but many abandon) is almost impossible.

However, with the implementation of some event tracking, you can monitor the fields that users fill in or do not fill in. Using OnChange, you can see when users have completed a field and in turn, analyse how users are interacting with your enquiry form and troubleshoot any issues.

Analytics Resources

These are fairly simple Analytics customisations. Get a complete list of Google Analytics resources to learn about getting more from your Analytics.

This piece on Google Analytics customisations for lead generation sites was contributed by Stacey Cavanagh, whose blogs include listingthings.co.uk.

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